Broilmaster Grill Accessories

 Options & Accessories


Stainless Steel Smoker Shutter (fits P3X and H3X only)
A Broilmaster exclusive! With one pull of the lever, you can convert your grill to an indirect cooking system – for smoking, roasting, slow cooking, baking and more.


Grill Cover (fits all grills)
Our grill cover fits over shelving, side burners and other accessories. Black only.


Cast Iron Smoker Box (for use in all grills)
Experience the extra flavor of real wood smoke and steam.


Flare Buster Ceramics (for gas grills only)
Uniform in dimensions and thickness for exceptional heat distribution and burner protection.


Diamond Pattern Cooking Grids (fits P3, H3, C3, and R3 grills)
Perfect for cooking veggies and fish.


Stainless Steel Griddle
From bacon, eggs, and pancakes to sandwiches to cookies, this super-duty griddle adds versatility to your grill.  Made from thick stainless steel, the griddle includes leveling screws for precise adjustment.


Stainless Steel Side Burner (for gas grills only)
Enables you to simmer, saute or fry while you grill. Or choose the Infrared Side Burner to sear steaks, chops and fish.