Choosing the Right Grill

Choosing the grill that’s just right for you involves more than just price considerations. You first have to decide if charcoal, gas, or electric best meets your needs. Then you need to consider the grill’s available cooking area (do you cook for just a few, or entertain frequently?). What features do you want – are you just into basics or are you an adventurous gourmet griller? What about style? Yes, grills do come in many different colors and looks. Next, what is your available budget, and where will you shop – a specialty retailer, mass merchandiser, home center or, hardware store? Finally, how will the grill fit into your future backyard plans? Do you just want a grill for cooking outdoors? Or, are you thinking about enhancing your outdoor living by creating an outdoor room? In which case there’s more to think about.

Whatever your choice, you are part of America’s long-standing love affair with barbecuing! Now click here for some more facts and figures on how, when and why Americans will fire up their grills billions of times this year.

HPBA-sm.jpgInformation provided by The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association